Episode 4

Karah did as instructed by Tiana. She went to Marco’s bedroom and stripped herself naked.
She is a curvy type and believe that Marco will fall for her trap
Exausted Marco came back from work and met his mom going through a magazine
“Hay mom”.
He called and gave her a peck on her cheek
“How was work today?”.
His mom asked wearing the sweetest smile ever
“It was stressful as always mom”.
He replied and walked up stairs to his room
“Make sure you eat before you sleep”. His mom said and concentrate on her magazine
Marco walked straight to his room. On getting to his room, he opened the door and walked in. But the door was suddenly shut with force by someone else
Before Marco could understand what was going on, Karah was already holding the key to his door.
She was standing Stark naked in front of him
Marco stood on his spot staring at her. Wondering what she was up to
“Hi Marco”. She called seductively and walked closer to him.
She used her hand to draw an invisible line on his chest
“You know… I’ve always wondered what it will be like to have a night stand with you. I’ve always given you the green light Marco. But you never noticed
Well….. Should I say, you were shy or you were not man enough”.
Marco took in a deep breath and said “what are you doing naked in my bedroom? Karah, I don’t have time to play games. Can you just excuse me… I’m tired and need my rest”.
Marco said feeling irritated with the whole thing
Karah was shocked that he didn’t feel anything despite her touches
She decided to go with another strategy
She pulled him into a hug and made sure her boobs were resting on his chest
But Marco buried his hand in his hair in a frustrated manner and pushed her off his body
“Hay young lady, stay far away from me.
I am not interested in you and I will never be
So you better start getting use to it. Excuse me”.
He pushed her off his body and took the key to his door from the floor.
He unlocked it and walked out of the room
Karah felt embarrassed
She dressed up and walked out of the room


Mattew was on a phone call with his PA
Megan came to serve him a mug of coffee as usual
He rounded up the call and collected the mug from her
He took a sip from the coffee and empty the rest on her face
“I don’t like a cold coffee”. He said coldly
Megan looked at him with dager
“But you were the one that ordered for a cold coffee”. She protested
“I don’t remember asking you to make me a cold coffee Megan. You of all people should be able to tell what I like and what I don’t like”.
He said with a scoff
“And get your stinky self outta my presence”.
He added
Megan ran back to her quarters and buried her face in her palms
She cried her eyes out
But she can’t resign
No she can’t
She needed to go back to school. And the only way to achieve that is by working here
Mattew has been treating her horribly simply because she refused to succumb to his demands

Karah stayed up in her room