Episode 5

Karah stayed up in her room wearing this bleary eyes
She felt disappointed and most of all, ashamed of herself
She can’t believe Marco turned her down despite seeing her nakedness
No man has ever been able to resist her expose thigh not to talk of her nakedness
Marco’s refusal made her feel less of herself

The door suddenly opened revealing Tiana
Tiana was shocked seeing Karah in that mood
She walked closer to her wondering what the problem was
“Babe, this one your face is like this, is everything okay with you?”.
Karah glanced at Tiana and heaved a sigh
“Your brother turned me down Tiana. I stood in his room totally unclad, but he turned me down. It’s a slap on my face Tiana. No man has ever turned me down before.
I don’t even know how to face your brother anymore”.
She said bitterly
Tiana sigh and placed her hand on Karah’s hair
“It’s okay! I am sorry if my brother made you feel low of yourself. That’s just how he is. He… He is not into women. I have tried everything I could as a sister but… He’s just like that. I am sorry Karah”.
She pulled Karah into a hug and stroke her back gently

Few days later
Mattew puffed out smoke from his nostril and finally throw the cigarette away
He took his glass of wine and took a deep gulp
He could still recall her words clearly
“You are a monster. No one will ever love you due to the kind of person you are. You can fire me if you want, but that doesn’t stop me from saying the truth Mr Lobaton. And the truth remains that you are a monster. People around you are just pretending to love you because they are scared of who you are which is a monster”.
That were Megan’s words to him
Funny enough he can’t fire her. He has been trying to fire her but he just can’t bring himself to do it . She called him a monster, she said does around him are scared of him
He faced his big mirror
“Are they really scared of me or is she just bluffing?”.
He stared at his reflection .

Marco walked in with his hands buried in his trouser pockets
He was about walking into his room when Tiana suddenly showed up
“Welcome back home sweet big twin brother”. She said wearing a faux smile
“Okay…. How may I help you miss?”. He asked raising a quizzical brow
“Um… Let’s just say… I got your message. Seriously Marco, you are unbelievable Marco. How can you turn down such a beautiful girl”. She asked looking serious now

Marco sigh and rubbed his temble with his hand
“You see what Tiana, I know you’ve been the best sister any brother will pray for but I also want you to know that you are a pain in the ass. You compired with your friend to seduce me . How could you?”
“I was doing you a favor”. She said almost yelling
“A favor you said, she almost raped me. Gosh!”.
“You see what Marco, Karah never tried to rape you. Come on … A girl can’t rape a boy unless you are a weakling”. She laughed at her own sentence causing Marco to roll his eyes
“I am not interested in your friend, Period!” He said in a tone of finality
” If you are not interested in her, then bring in someone you are interested in. I am tired of waiting”. She said and stomped her feet on the floor
Marco smiled and pulled her cheeks in a playful manner and whispered “you go soon see her hear. Now excuse me madmoiselle. As you can see, I am way too exhausted to be standing here exchanging words with you”.

A lady suddenly showed up holding a mug of tea
“I’ve made the tea”. She said with the sweetest voice ever
“Thank you Adrianna”. Tiana collected the mug with a smile
The Adrianna girl walked away leaving the two siblings
“Who is she?”. Marco asked
“I think the first question should be why I feel like taking tea this night”.
Marco rolled his eyes dramatically
“I know you, you take tea when e nok you. Now tell me who that lady is…”
“Uh…I can see my bro is interested in the new girl. Well… That is Adrianna . A sister to a friend of mine that base in UK. Adrianna is here in Nigeria for a business so she will be staying with us for the main time since we are the only once she know in Nigeria”.
Marco smiled and whispered a goodnight to Tiana and walked to his room
Tiana couldn’t content her excitement