Episode 6
Mattew”s POV

After waiting for what seems like for ever, he finally showed him. I know he was damn surprised when I summoned him. Well… I never really give a damn about him. He finally walked to my inner room. “You called for me Mattew. Hope all it’s well.”
He asked and released a light chuckle
“Brutal, you are gifted, I never thought I’ll need your help, but I really do need it today. I.. I don’t know if your powers can help me in anyway. “
“Just go straight to the point Mattew. I was attending to someone before I received your call. And most of all, I want to get out of here before your devil of a father appears from no where” .
He said in rather an angry tone
I can’t believe I need his help.
Of all the people on Earth, it had to be Brutal
“So… People now refers to me as a monster” .
“That’s what you are”. He added to my sentence
“And can you just shut the fuck up and listen.”. I yelled
“You don’t shut me up Mattew, the last time I checked, I am 6 years older than you. So.. you are the one to shut up when I am talking”.
Okay! Now he is getting on my nerves
He mustn’t remind me of that all the time
He maybe older than me but I am stronger than him
“So.. as I was saying, I’ve been having this cringe feelings
I don’t know what it is but…. Don’t laugh at this Brutal, but I feel comfortable talking to my reflection in the mirror. So yesterday, someone called me a monster, I didn’t know what to do. On a normal ground, I would have killed her but I just couldn’t. I am not a monster so killing her will only make me a monster. So I.. I was looking for a solution. For Christ’s sake, it’s not fair to be called a monster. So … I asked my reflection for advice but he suggested I seek for you”.
Okay! Now it’s sounding awkward.
I don’t like feeling stupid in his presence
I took in a deep breath expecting him to laugh at my ouburst but surprisingly, he maintained a straight face
“Are you just going to stand here staring at me like a ghost?”. I asked and rolled my eyes
“Well…. You can’t escape from being a monster since that’s how your father brought you up. I’ve you ever asked this reflection of yours where it stays, don’t you find it strange to be talking to your reflection?”.
He asked not making any attempt to laugh at me. He’s being mature for once
“Huh! I found it strange when I was a child. But I’m used to it now. I’ve never mentioned it to anyone before so please, it Should be our little secret”
“I’ve you heard of the other half before?”. He asked deeping his hand in his small bag
“Not really”.
He finally came out with a map and a little bottle that contains white substance
“That’s the map of the place your reflection is living”.
“Wait! He exists?”. I asked that bothering question
“Exactly! When you find him, poison him with this white substance and bring him to me. Every of your questions will be answered
And we’ll probably find a solution to you no monster thing_. “
He said the last part rolling his eyes

Marco’s POV
I woke up from another confusing nightmare
I wonder when I am going to sleep like a normal human being
I suddenly started feeling that pain in my chest
Not again
I stood up from the bed and slumped on the floor
U heard my chest tightly closing my eyes tightly
When is it gonna end?
I stayed for up to 40minutes when the pains suddenly subside
I stood up and walked to my bedroom
Few minutes later , I walked out of the birth room and headed straight to Karah’s room. I have to do this today or never
Getting to her door step, I gave it a light knock. She opened the door and her mouth dropped in seeing me
“H..Hi”. I said and scratch the back of my head. But she was just staring at me now closing her eyes
“I really want to apologise for what transpired between us the other day
The thing is…. You are beautiful Karah. I am just the one with the problem. I .. I am not really into women “.
“It’s okay Marco. I fully understand. I am the one to apologise for trying to lure you to sleep with me . I am sorry for that”..
She said with a warm smile
“Thank you then”. I smiled awkwardly and walked back to my bedroom