Episode 3
Mattew’s POV
I packed my hair in it’s usual way and climbed down the stairs
My breakfast was already set on the table
I am actually a great cook but I prefer eating what is being prepared by my cook due to time factor
I adjusted my suit and Mount on my breakfast
I suddenly received an SMS from one of my sluts
“I can’t wait to see you again love. You got me crazy with your touch”.
I smiled at the SMS

After having my breakfast, I wiped my lips with a napkin and just as I was about leaving for work, a worker in my house walked in in the company of a young girl
She bowed as soon as she got to me
I think the girl with her is her daughter because she told me previously that she’ll be replaced at work by her daughter with a reason best known to her
“I guess this is the daughter you were talking about”.
I spoke coldly
“Yes sir”. She cooed
“It’s alright, you can ask her to resume duty at once. What’s her name?”
“Her name is Megan sir”.
She replied still keeping her head down. The Megan of a girl was looking around as if she has never been to a mansion before
I nodded and walked out of the house. I have lots of work to do to day

Tiana’s POV
I was shocked beyond words when I heard the death of Greg
I can’t believe he is no more
I walked out of the car in tears and ran straight to Mom’s arms
She consoled me even without knowing what was wrong
“Come on darling, get a grip of yourself.
Now tell me what happened? Bad day at work?”.
“It would have been better if it’s a bad day at work.
I’m broken mom
Why is life being so unfair to me?
When he broke up with me, I thought…. I thought he was gonna come back to me only for me to receive the news of his death this morning”.
I spoke without stopping
“What! Wait… What are you talking about? Who died?”. Mom asked obviously shocked by the news
“It’s Greg mom. Greg is no more”.
I whimpered and she pulled me into a hug
This is worst than the heartbreak I felt at first

Few months later
Tiana’s POV
A Friend of mine from the states came by to pay me a visit
She has always had a crush on Marco
Marco being the shy type made sure he avoids her (Kara).
So all he does is go to work, eat in his room and stay in his study all day
Kara dresses seductively just to seduce Marco but Marco will always be Marco
She got frustrated with the whole thing and decided to seek for my counsel
“You know, I have tried everything I can just to get his attention but he keeps forming big boy. Even to answer greetings sef na wahala”.
“Well… That’s Marco for you. It’s not like he is forming big boy o…. It’s just that he is a shy type. Mostly among ladies. You just have to keep giving him green lights, with time , he will come around. ” I said not even sure of what I am saying
“Seriously! That your brother is a very difficult type.
I mean, check me out na… I know how many guys I’ve used and dumped. I don’t go for guys, they come for me. But this your brother’s case is different. He can’t even recognize a fine girl when he sees one”.
I laughed at her outburst
“Okay! What’s funny now?”.
“Nothing o. See as you they high because of man. Na wa o.
But you can use another strategy na. See eh… Marco I know has never… I mean, I have never seen him having a chat with a girl talkless of having a girlfriend. I can swear with my life that he is very single. So.. to get a man like him to like you, you have to do the in possible. You can you know, go to his room naked
He usually comes back from work at exactly 9pm. You can wait naked in his room then when he comes in, you lock the door. I believe once you do nasty things to him, he will fall”.
I said in a whisper
She seems to be in a thought for a moment
“Okay! I’ll try what you said . But if he didn’t fall then that your bro na gay”.
She mumbled
“Abeg o. He is not a gay. He is just being shy. I am sure he will fall”.

Later at night
Megan was given a mug of coffee to serve her boss
On getting to his bedroom, she knocked softly
She heard his cold voice “Come in”.
She took in a deep breath and walked in
On getting in, she saw him on his towel only. It seems he just got out of the shower
She swallowed the lumps in her throat and drop the mug on a stool.
When she was about leaving the room, he called her
“Yes sir”. Was her reply
“How old are you?”. He asked coldly staring at her
“I am 22 years old sir”. She replied Wondering why he suddenly asked her
Mattew stroked her hair making her to shive by his touch
He bent his head down to kiss her lips but she turned her face from him
“How dare you? How dare you to stop me?”. He asked harshly
“I am your house help and not your sex toy sir. You pay me to run errands for you and take care of the house. Not to satisfy your sexual needs sir”. She said with less confidence
“I see…. How about I pay you then just for this night?”. He offered but she shook her head negatively
“I am not interested sir”.
She blurted and walked out of the room
Mattew was surprised by her outburst.
No girl has ever said No to him before
“I am going to make her come beg me for sex because I’ll so make her life miserable”.