Episode 2

Tiana’s POV
I ran to my bedroom and buried my head in my pillow
I couldn’t help but let those tears flow
It’s hurt
It’s hurt to be broken
For Christ sake, I am 27 and this is my 7th heartbreak
Why can’t I get a man that we love me for me and not for what I have
I heard the sound of the door opened, I knew instantly that it’s Marco
He has always been a shoulder to cry on each time I’m broken
He ast on the edge of the bed and pat me lighly on my back
“It’s okay!”
He cooed
I pulled him in a hug and whimpered
“Why does it have to me always? Why can’t they just love me without cheating or dumping me?
He used me. Greg used me Marco. I feel so disgusting”.
He stroke my hair. I could tell that he is angry judging by the way he stroke my hair.

Marco’s POV
After several hours, she finally doze off
I drove off to Greg’s apartment
They can’t keep hurting her and go scort free
On getting there, he was about driving out
Inmediately he sighted me, he Jew dropped
“Hello Greg,. Congratulations for successfuly breaking her. I never knew you were man enough until now”.
He smiled and buried his hand in his pant pocket
“Your sister was never my type.
I just needed somone to show me love and she was the one available then. But now, I’ve found someone better than her. I know for sure that she is sulking now, but tell her to get a hold of herself. She isn’t the first lady to be dumped and she’s not gonna be the last either”.
I smiled at his words but deep down I was furious
I never intend doing what I’m about to do but he left me no choice.
I am not a monster but some people in this life tend to turn one into a monster
I tapped him on his shoulders with a wicked grin
“You’ve just messed with the wrong girl’s heart Greg”.
I smirked and walked into my car
I drove straight home and went straight to my bedroom
I faced my mirror and stared at my reflection for minutes without saying a word
“I killed someone again. I killed someone again. I made a promise I was never gonna do it but it’s harder than I thought. They keep getting on my wrong side and I couldn’t control it anymore.”
I sank my fingers in my hair and closed my eyes tightly
I promise after what happened in my childhood that I was never gonna kill again
I can’t believe I couldn’t keep to the promise I made to myself

Right from when I was six, I discovered this power in me but being the introvert type I am, I kept it to myself
But this power has caused a lot of damages to people close to me
Though no one is aware of this damages . I have killed just one person close to me with it and am about to kill another person
No doubt Greg is gonna die
I discovered that I could control objects , like… I can make objects float on air
I can do lots of things extral ordinarily
I don’t know how this powers came but I know for sure that mom’s got a lot of explanation to do

The next day
Tiana’s POV

I kept on dialing Greg’s line but It took me straight to voicemail
Oh gosh!
How I missed him, his voice, his cuddle
I wonder why I am so unlucky in terms of love