Episode 1

Tiana’s POV

The Sun shun directly on my face forcing my lazy eyes opened .
I can’t believe it’s morning, worst of all, Monday
I hate Mondays
I walked sluggishly to my bedroom to do the usual. In less than an hour, I was fully dressed for school.
I walked downstairs and saw mom setting the table for breakfast. “Good morning Mom”. I greeted but she responded by giving me a peck on my cheek.
That’s my mom for you, always acting sweet. She is actually sweet compared to dad when he was alive.
Dad passed on 2 years ago after suffering from an unknown ailment.
The cause of the ailment is still a mistery because even the doctors never knew what was wrong with him

“Tiana’s, go call your brother from his room”. Mom instructed
“Mom….. He will be down himself. No one needs to…”.
Speaking of the devil. He climbed down the stairs fully dressed for school. His hands were buried in his pant pocket. He is just getting more handsome everyday.
If not for the fact that he is my twin, I would have killed to be his girlfriend. I wonder why we look nothing alike . I am fair skinned, tall and has this flat nose I hate so much. But Marco, his got a beautiful kissable pink lips that made me wonder if he has kissed anyone before considering the fact that he is a shy type. That’s another quality of his that made me wonder if we are really related. I am this jovial type that talks wherever I go but he is the exact opposite. He talks as if he pays for the number of times he talks.
He is extremely fair, prominent firm nose…gosh! Everything about him is perfect.
I think God created him on the 8th day
Most girls are my friends because of him. They believe they can get close to him when they are close to me. But Marco is Marco
He is shy around everyone including mom
He only feels free talking to me and he is an introvert
Did I also mention the fact that he is a chef? He is a great cook. We are just 17 yet he has this amazing cooking skills
He cooks better than mom
I once caught mom learning a new recipe from him
What a brother

He finally got to where we were seated and greeted mom.
He waved at me and pulled a chair for himself.
We all ate silently after which we went to school. He is a crazy driver
At times I wonder where he learn things from.
He is just too perfect to be ordinary, though mom once said he took after her great grand father.
Getting to the school compound, his name started flying all over the place
“Wow! He’s here”.
“How I wish he replies all my messages on Facebook”.

Marco bring the Marco he is ignored them and walked straight to his classroom.
His long black hair was packed into a ponytail. I wonder how he got such a long hair.
He cut his hair like twice a month yet the hair keeps growing.
Some persons mistook him for a foreigner. They find it hard to believe that we are related.

School was boring as usual, as soon as I heard the dismissal bepl, I ran out of the class. On getting to the school Garage,Marco wasn’t there. That’s quite unlike him.
I waited for what seems like forever before I finally sighted him in the company of two girls from his class.
Being smarter than me, he skipped a grade
I’m sure those girls are pestering him again. Finally, they got to where I was standing

“Back off bitches. He is not interested”. I said with a scoff
One of the girls rolled her eyes and walked away. The second one throw me a deadly glare and walked away too .
“You’ve got to learn how to push girls out of your side. I can’t keep coming to your aid all the time”. I said to his face but he only smiled revealing his cute dimples.
He entered the car
He’s really got a big problem

Few years later

Mattew’s POV

Life is sweet
Very sweet when you got the money, the looks and most of all, the power
I’ve found out what girls love the most
Girls don’t just love money
They love the looks
Though, some are out there that love money more than the looks
Some love the looks
But when you get the combination of these two, they love you without imagination
I’ve got money, the looks and the power
I am Mattew Lobaton, a 27 years old young man
Only child of a single father. What happened to my mom is a mistery
I am actually the President of my father’s company
You can say girls die for my looks
They fall for every part of me especially my long hair

After spending an hour in the bathroom….
Well… That’s what I do
I stay long in the bathroom because I do try using my powers in the bathroom
Yeah! I’ve got powers
I can’t really tell where the powers came from but I believe it comes from the devil since the only thing I’ve done with it so far is to kill and destroy
I’ve never really used it for something good
I watched my reflection in the mirror and couldn’t help but have this feeling I always have when seeing my reflection
I always feel like I could talk to my reflection and it due listens to me

When I am angry, I talk to my reflection
Funny right?
That’s how I found it at first
I’ve been doing it right from when I was 6
I feel like my reflection is a half of me
In less thqn 30 minutes, I was done dressing up for work
I walked straight to my car and drove to my destination
I am actually on an assignment for my dad
On getting to my destination, I alighted from the car and walked towards the company in front of me
Immediately the secretary sighted me, she started drooling
What the hell…. She is not my spec
She quickly allowed me into the office
On getting to the office, I saw the old fool working on some papers
What actually makes him think he can snatch that contract from us
“How the hell did you get in here?”. That was his question
I smirk and drew an invisible line with my middle finger
“I shall see you in your funeral Mr Uthman”. With that I walked out of the office
I could hear him saying something like…”you can do nothing”.
I smiled at his stupidity
I went back home to get some files after which I went to the office
My dad is actually out of town, though he will be back next week
On getting to the office, I saw some business associates waiting for me
The rest of the day was work work work
Just before going to bed that night, I received a call from my PA
He told me Mr Uthman slipped in this bathroom and died
I smirk and ended the call
What was he expecting